2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster! Fire Roosters are active, funny, and popular in crowds. Roosters love to talk, they are outspoken about their beliefs, can be brutally honest, and are loyal to those they love. They enjoy being the center of attention and are happy when they are in large crowds. Since Roosters enjoy sports, martial arts is a great outlet for the Roosters boundless energy. The group classes give the Rooster the ability to flourish in a crowd setting plus help them burn off the stress that is normal for the Rooster. Private lessons allow the Rooster to build their skills and will add to the Roosters easy confidence. We at United Studios of Self Defense are looking forward to celebrating the Year of the Rooster with...

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In an ever-changing world, many people have come to count on martial arts to fulfill their emotional, mental and physical needs.

At United Studios of Self Defense, our goal is to build a program around you, the student. To help meet a students individual needs and to challenge a student's mind and body.

One of the unique aspects of our martial arts program is that all United Studios of Self Defense locations offer group and private instruction as part of one package. Private lessons are geared towards teaching the hundreds of concepts needed to advance in the art, while the group sessions are geared toward practicing those concepts with like-minded individuals.

In a private session, we focus on individual needs and concerns. We help st...

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Our company offers martial arts lessons for children 3 ½ and older. Our group sessions are 45 minutes long and focus on discipline, self control, developing a strong mind and body and having fun.

On Oct 10th and 11th, United Studios is hosting the Shaolin Monks of China in a weekend long event. Events will include a test for all ranks, a Shaolin Monk show to be hosted at the Nourse Theatre, which is open to the public, a tournament and a training seminar which is exclusive to all United Studios students.

Preschool age children benefit from our program in a number of ways. Besides discipline and focus, which are keys to our program, we work on ways to develop their minds and bodies through exercise, repetition and memorization. Group classes are geared more towards exercise and working on certain skill sets while private lessons allow us to shape our program to meet your child’s individual needs.

We realize that some children have specific needs. For those children who are all around athletic, we can tailor a program that will benefit them in other areas of their life. If they are dealing with certain health issues and have trouble participating in group activities, private lessons are a great way to get them involved in martial arts without having to worry about their social needs until they are prepared to join a group class. We have had a lot of success with children who suffer from many issues and have found that these kids truly enjoy martial arts as a form of exercise and a safe social outlet.

Make sure you bring your full Gi, Tennis Shoes, sparring gear, light snack, and water or gatorade. Note that Brown and Black Test Location has changed! Ask Your instructor for the handout!

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