Our Method...

The Shaolin Kenpo system is effective for self-defense and is easy to understand for the beginner while still offering a depth of precise and technical material for more advanced martial artists.  Our group classes, supplemented with private training, allow for every student to personalize their program to best suit their goals. 

Private Lessons

At United Studios of Self Defense, every student receives one on one training each week.  Private instruction provides the ultimate in personal progression.   This focused learning approach insures that each student receives the specific attention they need to overcome their weaknesses and build their strengths.  By tailoring our private lessons to each student, they are able to progress through material at a faster rate than just group classes alone.  


Group Classes

Whereas students learn new material, concepts, and drills in private lessons, students are able to practice what they have learned in a Group Class.  Group Classes are 45 minutes of calisthenics, conditioning, sparring drills, self-defense application, and/or kata techniques.  Because classes are seperated via rank and age, martial artists of all ages and experince are able to join! In addition to our regular classes, we also offer Open Class; a fun, dynamic group class that allows students of any age and rank to join.  (Parents: This is a fun one to do when you want to work out in the same class as your kid!)